Gem Faire Hours:
Fri. 12pm-6pm
Sat. 10am-6pm
Sun. 10am-5pm
General admission
$7 weekend pass
Children under 12 Free

Gem Faire has a special wholesale preview, exclusively for qualified buyers, at all Gem & Bead Faires (with the exception of Monterey Gem Faire in November*).

Special wholesale hours are only on Friday from 10am-12pm.

*Monterey Gem Faire in November, wholesale opening is Monday 10am-4pm.

Present proper documentations below for a FREE admission on Friday between 10am and 12pm. Once the doors open to the public, the admission fee will be charged. For more information, contact our corporate office at (503) 252-8300 or

Note: Buyers can actually purchase wholesale throughout the weekend. The Friday wholesale preview is to offer qualified buyers to shop exclusively without general public.

Requirements For Friday Wholesale Preview Admission

In order to process and admit qualified wholesale buyers to the wholesale preview as quickly as possible, we ask that you download and complete the Wholesale Registration Form and be prepared to present it with the applicable required information listed below.

1) Copy of seller's permit or resale tax number.

Your number written on a piece of paper will not be accepted. In case of Oregon or other states without sales tax, a copy of your local business license will be accepted or you may show a business check to qualify your company as a bonafide wholesale buyer.

2) Provide your company business card, with your personal name imprinted on the card.

Guests are not allowed during wholesale preview. Any and all company employees being admitted as buyers must also have business cards in their personal names. No business card, no admission. This is our way of eliminating persons from gaining admission who do not qualify. It is the only way to keep your customers out during wholesale buying.

3) Show driver's license with photo ID that matches name on business license.

*Definition of wholesale: You're purchasing items to be resold. Exhibitors will have a minimum purchase requirement.